B&G Committee Report Oct 2017

OCTOBER 16, 2017
Our last Building and Grounds Committee report was just five months ago, but so much has transpired since then (and so much more is soon to be accomplished) that it was felt an update is needed. So here are some of the more significant highlights of the recent past and the near future:
Since our May membership meeting, we:
Held our biennial Tom Sawyer Day on May 20: The date may have been a poor choice, because so many of you were out of town that weekend. We had 26 participants, which was about half of what we had two years earlier (on the last Saturday in June). But thanks to some very energetic workers, we still completed almost all of the projects on our list … and we consider it to have been a very successful day! But for TSD 2019, we will probably return to a later date. We would welcome your suggestions.
Other accomplishments include: Installation of the new drinking fountain in the foyer;
Repair of broken roof tiles and a malfunctioning downspout over the Valerio Street colonnade;
Cleaning of the Reading Room carpet and the Children’s Room carpet;
Patching and painting of the church buttresses along the Sunday School side of the church, including fresh safety striping on all the steps;
And there is the item to be voted on tonight, which involved considerable effort this past summer: Replacement of the drain pipe for the Children’s Room bathroom (you will hear more about this project shortly);
Some other projects we expect to complete in the next few weeks or months, include:
Repair or replacement of the two furnaces that provide heat to the church foyer. This item requires a little explanation: Last week we had our annual Fall furnace inspection and it was discovered that the two furnaces that provide heat to the foyer area both have cracked heat exchangers. So they needed to be closed down until they can be repaired or replaced. If they can be repaired, it may take only a few weeks, and we will be ready for the upcoming winter weather. But if they need to be replaced, the complex City permitting requirements and the associated costs, may delay the project for months. So, we are suggesting that as the weather continues to cool down that you plan accordingly and perhaps bring along and extra sweater or other wrap to stay warm. Especially if you are an usher stationed in the foyer. The furnaces that heat the church auditorium are fine, so we should remain warm enough in here.
Other upcoming projects include: Replacement of the sink faucets in the Ladies Room;
Patching and painting of the wall between the main parking lot and the upper parking lot along the church;
Improvement of the night lighting in both church colonnades;
Installation of a new pump and light in the outdoor fountain;
And replacement of all of the fluorescent lights in the Sunday School and Children’s Room. The one has been a very special unfoldment. You may recall that a couple years ago our electric company, Southern California Edison, replaced most of our light bulbs in the Church, Sunday School, and Reading Room with energy-efficient LED bulbs (at no cost to us) as part of their Direct Install Program. At that time, they could not replace the fluorescent lights in the Sunday School, because we had more of that type light than was allowed to be replaced under their program. They told us then that this restriction might be lifted in the future. Well, we recently checked with them again and found that the restriction had been lifted and they now will replace over 150 fluorescent tubes and all of the associated ballasts (at no cost to us). We recently had an electrician bid to do the same work for us, and the cost would have been over $14,000. So we are very grateful for this timely unfoldment.
Finally, some of the major projects we have in the planning stage at this time include:
Improvement of night security lighting around the Sunday School;
Repair of the Sunday School roof gutter;
Replacement of leaking drain pipes for the upstairs bathrooms;
And the biggest upcoming project (which we have mentioned before, but we want to remind everyone again) will be repair of cracks in the church walls and pillars by means of epoxy injection and then painting at an estimate cost of $200,000. We are hopeful of accomplishing this project next year.
We look forward to another busy and productive year; and, as always, we appreciate the helpful suggestions, the willing manpower, and the prayerful support of our fellow members.
Thank you.

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